This is the home page for the PPCDJ.
I'll make it look better soon; this is just a temporary page.

Program Info

Download the latest version: 1.3.0
I'd recommend downloading the file, unless you know exactly which processor your Pocket PC has
and you don't want to go through Windows (or you don't have Windows). Hint: most Pocket PC's running Windows Mobile
2003 have ARM processors.

If you want the spell checker, look for files whose names contain "-withSC" to download the spell checker version.

Download the Windows encoder/decoder: PPCDJ EncDec 1.0

Program documentation / help files: DocManager
Upcoming Features list: Task Manager

Full project information:

Support Info

General Support
Feature Request
Public Forums

Contact Info

AIM: joshua70448
Yahoo: joshuaptc
DeadJournal: ShittyKitty or PPCDJ Community